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Looking for an internship in statistical network analysis?

Modélisation et inférence de réseaux multi-niveaux


# date session topic material
First part Descriptive Analysis of Network Data
1.1 19/10 3h of course Statistics on network data, Graph Partitionning slides
1.2 19/10 3h of practical Basical graph manipulation and Spectral Clustering sheet 1
Second part Statistical Models for Networks Data
2.1 7/11 3h of course Mixture Models, (variational) EM algorithm, Stochastic Block Model slides
2.2 7/11 3h of practical Stochastic Block Model and variational inference sheet 2
Third part Inference of Network Topology
3.1 28/11 3h of course Association networks, Gaussian graphical models slides
3.2 7/11 3h of practical Sparse inference of Gaussian graphical models sheet 3
Evaluation of the module will be made based on 1) a report (less than 10 pages in English) and 2) A 15 talks presenting your project and 3) the report sent at the end of each tutorial



Some book (not freely available, sorry)

Some material online