Articles review

Evaluation of the module will be made based on 1) a report (less than 10 pages, French or English) and 2) A 15 talks presenting one of the following article:

In your report, you must detail a technical proof and/or implement a numerical experiment performed in the chosen article.


# date session topic practical
First part Graph with known structure: inference in the stochastic block model
1 29/01 3h of course/practical Introduction and random graphs sheet 1, part 1
2 05/02 3h of course/practical Stochastic block model and spectral clustering sheet 1, part 2
3 12/02 3h of course/practical Expectation/maximization algorithm for mixture models sheet 2
4 19/02 3h of course/practical Variational EM for the stochastic block model sheet 3
Second part Graph with unknown structure: reconstruction of Gaussian graphical models
5 04/03 3h of course/practical Gaussian graphical models (GGM) End of sheet 3
6 11/03 3h of course/practical sparse reconstruction of GGM sheet 4