During the first two weeks of MAP573, students are introduced to the basics of the R language: R-base programming, data manipulation, visualization.

To do so, the lectures are accompanied by interactive tutorials which are shamelessly taken from rstudio-education.

Installing the tutorials

These tutorials are available as an R package called ‘MAP573’ (see below) so that you can install them on you computer and follow the tutorials without access to an internet connection. Prefer this solution.

However, if you experience some difficulties for installing R and some dependencies, the tutorials are also available online via a a shiny server) (see the links at the bottom of that page).

Alternatively, you can use a remote R session to complete the tutorials with binder: Binder. You only need a web browser. The main drawbacks are that (i) you lose your progress each time you launch a new session and (ii) the binder image will take some time to launch (approximately 15 minutes).

R package MAP573tutorials

First, you need the remotes package to install R packages from other sources than the CRAN (install just once!)


Then, you can install the R packages that contains the R tutorials of MAP573:

remotes::install_github("jchiquet/MAP573", subdir = 'MAP573tutorials')

If this fails, check that the following dependencies are correctly installed (it should be done automatically):


Once this package is installed, you can access the tutorials as follows (only one at a time):

R Basics

learnr::run_tutorial("basics_prog", package = "MAP573tutorials")
learnr::run_tutorial("basics_vis" , package = "MAP573tutorials")

Data manipulation

learnr::run_tutorial("transform_structure", package = "MAP573tutorials")
learnr::run_tutorial("transform_extract"  , package = "MAP573tutorials")
learnr::run_tutorial("transform_summarise", package = "MAP573tutorials")

Data visualization

learnr::run_tutorial("vis_01-exploratory-data-analysis", package = "MAP573tutorials")
learnr::run_tutorial("vis_02-bar-charts"               , package = "MAP573tutorials")
learnr::run_tutorial("vis_03-histograms"               , package = "MAP573tutorials")
learnr::run_tutorial("vis_04-boxplots"                 , package = "MAP573tutorials")
learnr::run_tutorial("vis_05-scatterplots"             , package = "MAP573tutorials")
learnr::run_tutorial("vis_06-line-graphs"              , package = "MAP573tutorials")
learnr::run_tutorial("vis_07-overplotting"             , package = "MAP573tutorials")
learnr::run_tutorial("vis_08-customize"                , package = "MAP573tutorials")

Shiny server (limited access)

This runs on my personal server, so prefer the package solution.

  1. R Basics
  2. Data manipulation
  3. Vizualisation