R and RStudio are separate downloads and installations

  • R is the underlying statistical computing environment

  • RStudio is a graphical integrated development environment (IDE)

Installing R

Go to the CRAN webpage, select your OS and follow the instructions.

Installing RStudio Desktop

Go to the download page. Select, download and install the file corresponding to your OS.

Installing R packages

Launch Rstudio and execute the following commands in the console (at least these R packages will be needed during MAP573)

  • On Windows

You may need Rtools (dedicated page) and git (dedicated page)

  • On MacOS

You may need XCode: visit the dedicated page, download the Mandatory tools and install them on your computer

  • On Linux

If installation of a package fails in Rstudio, just READ THE MESSAGES: you may be asked to install some missing system libraries with, e.g.,

sudo apt-get install lib-missing